Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Purify Your Videos in 2015

Tired of videos filled with ads and related links? Want to use YouTube videos in your instruction but concerned that students will get distracted by all the related video options or be exposed to inappropriate content?  Purify your videos in seconds to use them in your instruction on a daily basis.

ViewPure is a FREE and easy tool that converts ANY YouTube video to a safe playing mode that is entirely ad free.  The purified video link can be copied and sent to students through Google Classroom or other modalities in seconds.  

With ViewPure you can:
  • Play YouTube videos without ads or pop-ups that contain inappropriate content for students
  • Clip videos to show only select portions that are desired
  • Create custom URL's for easy access
  • Copy the URL and send to students through Google Classroom or other LMS's
  • Play videos in full screen mode for whole class viewing
If you'd like to add this tool to your teaching kit, take a look at:  ViewPure.com

How does it work? (5 simple steps to purifying videos in seconds)
  1. Find your desired video on YouTube
  2. Copy the URL for your desired video from the URL bar in your web browser
  3. Go to ViewPure.com and paste your YouTube URL in the box
  4. For a quick, simple, purified video, click "PURIFY" to the right of the box
  5. Your purified video will open in a new tab so you can show or share as desired
  6. For more advanced features, click on the gear icon next to the "PURIFY" option

Here's a short 2 minute video demonstrating how its done...

Questions?  Contact your EdTech Coach

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  1. You can embed this "purified" link directly into ActivInspire!


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