Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Using Goobric to Support Student Self and Peer Assessment

Many APS Teachers have been using Doctopus and Goobric to digitally grade student assignments. Now Doctopus/Goobric support student self and peer assessment! Students will need the "Goobric for Students" Chrome extension for these features to work

It will only work on newly issued assignments or assignments that have had rubrics newly re-attached.  

Allows students to see rubric alert and button in Google Docs editor
Rubric-based assessment is designed to guide student learning and revision, and rubrics work best as an instructional tool when students are aware of their criteria while they are working, engaging with them regularly as a form of self-assessment and peer-assessment.

That is why Goobric for Students provides a pop-up reminder and a button in the Google Docs editor designed to encourage students to review the teacher's scoring rubric as they are creating or revising an assignment.

  • Works (only) alongside the Doctopus Add-on for Google Sheets.
  • Popup reminder that a rubric is linked to the assignment whenever the document is opened.
  • Teachers can elect to enable peer and self-assessment mode via Doctopus, allowing any student with view rights on the doc to submit comments and rubric scores.
  • Student authors of doc can see full self/peer assessment history.
  • Teacher gets a link to Goobric Web App for teachers.

Additional Tips:
Meant for use by students whose teachers are using the Doctopus Add-on for Sheets.  Can only be used with assignments distributed by Doctopus or Google Classroom.

*Note: The rubric button does not provide student with access to rubric scores submitted via the Goobric for Teachers Web App.

Generally the student isn't supposed to get access to the Doctopus roster so teachers should not to use the same spreadsheet for the rubric and their Doctopus roster.

"Assess as teacher" button will appear if you happen to be viewing the doc as a teacher.  This button links to the Goobric web app you are already familiar with.

Anyone the student shares the doc with (as long as they are on the same domain) can submit peer review on the doc.  Username is captured in the process, to keep things accountable, and scores are sent back to Doctopus spreadsheet.

1) The score is also stored in a backend location (actually a Google Form) and becomes available to the student via the red notifications icon.  When this is clicked, the student author (or the teacher) can see a full history of peer assessment scores for that doc.

2) Unfortunately there's no way to pre-associate with a Google Classroom assignment.  This is not possible because Classroom doesn't have an API or methods that would allow for this


  1. Do you know if the Goobric will show up if my students link their document to a blog? For instance, my students might want to share their writing with an audience on our class blog or their student blog. Does the Goobric show up also?

  2. Hi Debra,

    I love that you have students share their work to a wider audience! That's fabulous :)

    In regards to your question:

    If you have used goobric to assess the writing, it pastes below the student's last line of text. That is visible to anyone who can view the doc. However, the actual mechanism of Goobric requires the extension and rights to "see" it on a particular doc, so visitors wouldn't see the rubric or be able to use it.

  3. My colleague wants to use the peer evaluation option, but when students click the button, the pop-up reminder doesn't show up, nor does the rubric.


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