Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Free Professional Learning on Your Schedule

Have you ever found yourself wanting to take part in some learning, but without having to commit to meeting the instructor or classmates at a particular time and place?  This summer and throughout the school year, you may want to take advantage of a MOOC, a Massive Open Online Course.  

What is a MOOC?
It's an opportunity to direct your own learning path, while having the facilitation, resources and peer interaction and discourse you need.  They don't cost you anything and depending on who you take them through, they could issue credit for licensure renewal.  You might be able to talk with your district professional development team to see if they will honor the learning as well.

What Kinds of Learning Can I Engage In?
I've participated in MOOCs through the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at the NC State College of Education, edX and Coursera.  Some courses the Friday Institute offered this year are "Coaching Digital Learning", "Disciplinary Literacy for Deeper Learning" and "Fraction Foundations".  Click here to explore what they have offered and what is upcoming.

How Does it Work & Where Can I Sign-Up?
The Friday Institute has a MOOC called "Learning Differences" which is targeted for all educators and school leaders from public, charter and private K-12 schools.  Watch the video below to learn more and click here to look at the course outline, meet the team, and enroll in the course.
What is MOOC-Ed? from The Friday Institute on Vimeo.

Where Can I Find More MOOCs?
edX and Coursera host a multitude of MOOCs.  Students can even start their freshman year of college through Arizona State University and its partnership with edX.  They are launching it as the Global Freshman Academy.  A big draw is that you only pay for the course once you know you've passed it.

Feel free to click on comments below and share what MOOCs you've taken part in and what learning you've walked away with in your experience.

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