Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nearpod or Pear Deck?

If you are getting comfortable with your classroom set of  Chromebooks or iPads and are ready for the next step, Nearpod and Peardeck are waiting for you. No longer do you need to present a lesson on your whiteboard and then have students complete the related assignments on their devices. Nearpod and Peardeck allow you to connect with your students in innovative ways. These powerful, web-based tools allow teachers to present information to the whole group or individuals. Then students show their understanding through quizzes, drawings or responses that are sent back to the teacher during the lesson.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

APS Girl's Tech Camp Was Awesome!

Girl's Tech Camp Students Listening to Keynote Speaker, Nancy Felix of DaVita, Inc.
The ladies of our Ed Tech department, were fortunate to be able to help with the Aurora Public Schools Girl's Tech Camp last week. This empowering and educational event was hosted by APS Information Technology and Educational Technology. Each middle school and K-8 school was invited to send one teacher and five 6th grade girls to this one-day camp.  If given the opportunity, which of the events would you and your students have liked to participate in?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chromebooks: An Educator's Perspective on Set-Up and Procedures

Our guest blogger is +Ellen Lewis, an 8th Grade Literacy teacher who has been with APS for a little over 10 years and teaching for 7 at East Middle School.  She enjoys engaging students and staff in personalized, blended learning opportunities.  Click here to connect with her on our district's G+.

Just received your first set of classroom Chromebooks?  Do you want to know how to make sure this is a terrific experience rather than a disaster?  The difference between the two experiences comes down to; 1) how you set up of the Chromebooks, and 2) classroom procedures implemented. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Padlet for Instruction

Want to increase creative and innovative practices in your instruction?  Check out this great free tool called Padlet.  Padlet is an incredibly easy, web-based tool that teachers can use for free in any instructional environment.  Padlet offers a platform where teachers and students can post information, ideas, or create projects.  The basic structure of Padlet is a digital "wall" where anyone who has the URL for that "wall" can post based on the settings.  If you're looking to enhance creativity and innovative practices in your instruction, consider using Padlet as an instructional tool. Click HERE to check it out now or watch this quick video that showcases some of Padlet's features for instruction.