Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Supporting Students with Reading and Writing Difficulties

One of my favorite Chrome extensions is Read & Write for GoogleThis extension has been added to all the APS Chromebooks, so students using these devices, automatically have this extension. Although students have the free version and do not have as many features, Read & Write provides text to speech and dual highlighting (yellow & blue) for any text on any website, PDF, or Google doc. It also provides an in the text translator.

As a teacher, you can get a free premium account for this extension by completing the form on this linkThe premium version provides the same text to speech, dual highlighting, and translator features.  It also includes supports for Google Docs, specifically, multi-highlighting options for active reading, extracting highlights, a vocabulary chart, a regular and picture dictionary, and word prediction. This Quick Reference Guide will provide more details about the features.

In order to download this extension, you need to be logged into your Chrome account in the aurorak12.org account. Next, you can go to the Chrome Web store or click on this link to download it.

Check out this Read & Write for Google Presentation for more details on how this tool can help you in the classroom. Feel free to contact your Ed Tech Coach if you need help

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Want to go to ISTE for free?

+Kevin Riebau is our blogger this week.  He is sharing an opportunity with you to help leverage effective, innovative instructional methods and tools with APS students.  Deadline to submit your proposal is September 30th.  

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

MOOCs Starting on September 28th!

Have you ever found yourself wanting to take part in some learning, but without having to commit to meeting the instructor or classmates at a particular time and place?  You have until September 28th to register in a MOOC, a Massive Open Online Course, through the Friday Institute.  Upon completion, the course could be used towards licensure renewal.