Monday, March 21, 2016

Using Flubaroo to Give Students Meaningful Feedback

Flubaroo is a google add-on tool for google sheets that will automatically grade submissions based on the criteria that are set by the teacher. It's an extremely popular add-on. In its first iteration, it was a tool that worked best just with multiple choice or single word text/number questions. Recently it has undergone improvements that make it much more student-centered and teacher-friendly.

You can now "hand-grade" student short answers and leave specific feedback without leaving the window - a huge time-saver for teachers. In addition to that, and even better than that - flubaroo now includes an option to send the quiz to your student's google drive.

Why is this so cool? Because now your students can have the copy of the quiz questions, their answers, and your feedback on a single google doc in their drive. No left-behind quiz sheets, no crumpled and thrown in the trash paper. The commenting feature of google docs allows the quiz to be the start of the conversation, not the end.

Below is a short overview of the improved features in action. If you are new to flubaroo, take a look at the other videos below to get you up to speed. As always, consider this an open invitation to contact your friendly ed tech coach for more support.

Flubaroo Improvements

New to Flubaroo? Here's an Overview

Installing Flubaroo

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