Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Teachers, Would You Like to Try an All-in-One Grading Tool?

Try JoeZooApp

I recently participated in a Google Hangout Online with Carl from JoeZooApp. I am excited to start using this Add-on and the share with others.

He demonstrated the ease of using JoeZooApp as a Writing Feedback Tool, Rubric Builder, and a Grading Tool

The JoeZooApp is an add-on to Google Docs, and it works with Google Classroom.

Writing Feedback Tool

91 pre-loaded comments written by teachers
Grouped into 5 categories
You can edit and recategorize
There is a Frequently Used Category

Comments are color coded and comments are differentiated
Helps students digest feedback
Can add a comment one at a time or
You can try the new Monkey Checker English Language Processor
Monkey Checker finds grammar and mechanical errors and highlights and adds comments to those errors

It highlights the error and gives an explanation or the error (teacher can change the explanation)
You can upload assignment from Google Classroom or do it manually

You can export data to Google Sheets and it is saved to Google Drive

The data has several tabs that give you different data points
One will show the 5 most frequent comments you gave to a student
Student can see feedback per category
Click on comment in the list and cursor goes to that area in the doc

Simple Rubric Builder Tool

Step 1 - Name Your Rubric
Step 2 - Add Grade Level, Year, and Subject
Step 3 - Grading Scale
Several pre-loaded scales
Step 4 - Add Criteria
Use their pre-loaded criteria (can edit)
Can also add or delete criteria
Step 5 - Add Expectations
Can copy & paste from your rubric

  • Save rubric to list to use another time
  • JoeZooApp formats the rubric
  • Ingests the rubric to the top of your instruction doc
  • You can distribute through Google Classroom or share another way

  • Easy to clone and reuse rubric

Grading Tool

  • The Grade Doc feature pulls up the rubric you created
  • You can click on the level (criteria)
  • It calculates by mode but teacher can override
  • Then you save and Return to Student
  • Complete rubric goes to the top of the student doc
  • Message to student saying the doc has been graded and how to open the feedback doc
  • Students click to open the Add-on on the side
  • It is embedded so student does not have to install


Upcoming Features

  • New release every 3 weeks
  • Next update with include feature that will show what students are doing with the feedback they receive
  • Working on Sharing among teachers
  • Building a rubric for IB

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