Thursday, March 5, 2015

Common Core Math Practice by Front Row

As we near 3/14, I was thinking about ways to integrate math and technology.  Click this link for some ideas for celebrating Pi Day from Edutopia. What will you do on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53?

A math program I recently learned about is Front Row. Common Core Math for Teachers by Front Row is an amazing free app. It is a math program written by teachers for teachers. The focus of Front Row is Common Core aligned math practice for K-8.

It includes more than 28,000 math questions aligned to the Common Core that are assigned to students based on their performance on a pre-assessment and that are automatically graded.
The teacher must first create a free account on the app. Then s/he can set up classes, create student log ins, and make assignments. Students may either use the iPad app or log in to the web version in the Chrome browser.
Front Row is designed as an independent practice program. Teachers have flexibility in determining the best way to use it in their classroom. One of the best features is that teachers can use it to  track progress in order to differentiate instruction.

Front Row adapts itself automatically to each student's needs, but you can also assign a particular topic. There are two main modes in which students can use Front Row: for adaptive practice, and for assigned practice.

With Adaptive practice mode, students are leveled using the diagnostic, and they then practice at their own pace. Students who are farther ahead work on harder material; students who are behind work on easier material. 

Assigned practice can help you with "Do Now"s and Exit Tickets. It's a quick way to determine who your class is doing on a particular topic. 

With Front Row, teachers generate math digital report cards. The application knows where each student stands with respect to the Common Core and gives immediate access to report cards. Use this feature to save hours that you would otherwise need to individually test every student in order to assess his or her ability.

With Front Row, students can:

  • Have questions read aloud to them just by pressing the speaker icon on the left
  • Use virtual manipulatives built right into the program 
  • Use the computer or tablet for scratch paper 

The following video shows highlights of students' use of Front Row.

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