Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tap in by Twitterizing your PD this Summer

How would you like to take part in discussions and guide your own learning with colleagues and experts on your own time, wherever you are - a cruise ship, at the office, or on your patio?  Though Twitter may not be new to most of you, using it to enhance your learning and build your professional network might be something to explore.  Here are some ways you can get started:

Growing Your PLN (Professional Learning Network)
Follow and connect with people around ideas, problems of practice and further interests.  When I attended an iNACOL conference this past year, I was able to stay connected with new found colleagues from the conference.  When I have questions concerning my scope of work, I can quickly reach out to the group and solicit advice.

Articles Vetted by Colleagues & Experts
In addition to using search engines, try using Twitter to explore and gather research and other articles of interest. Twitter provides the opportunity to pull results of articles that have been read by colleagues and experts you're following.  You can also engage in threaded conversation on the shared reading with those who posted.

Discussion, Articles & Topics of Interest
In addition to the #APSMovestheboxes and #techquity hashtags, click here for a list of educational hashtags to check out.

Want to take part in a live twitter chat with people from all over the world on education related topics ranging from Badging to Student Engagement?  Check out this link: Official Twitter Education Chat Schedule

Setting Up Your Account:

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