Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Google for Education on Air

Did you know that Google puts on a live conference that you can join or later access on your own time?  This year's Education on Air conference was hosted in May over the course of two days.  Take a look at what you can access at your fingertips today, tomorrow or whenever...

Day 1: Leading the Future
Opening keynotes and panelists entailed educators, students and business leaders whose topic focused on leadership in education.  The main question addressed was "how do we prepare our students for a future that is ever-changing?"  They discussed ideas around creating student ownership, leading change and fostering innovation in schools.

Day 2: Shaping the Classroom Today

There are over 90+ sessions, run by educators for educators and held throughout the day across time zones. These sessions are designed to help you immediately in your school. They have tracks for four groups: teachers, leaders, IT and general interest. Topics will include supporting literacy in early learners, successful device deployment and empowering digital citizens.  You can view sessions by intended audience, time, theme, grade/age and or other filters.  

If you have an account, you can stay connected with colleagues, keynotes and presenters via #GoogleEduOnAir

Ready to choose your own adventure?  You can choose which days and topics you'd like to learn more about by clicking here.

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