Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Formative Assessment Made Easy with Superquiz

Super Quiz is a great new formative assessment tool that has just been released.  Super Quiz is an Add-On for Google Sheets that quickly creates data and statistical displays of any student responses. Flubaroo has been another popular grading tool for Google Forms & Sheets for a long time and now there's another option that teachers can choose from. With Super Quiz, you don't need to wait for data on your students, you can instantly get breakdowns that will allow you to make quick instructional decisions and support struggling students.

Super Quiz can be easily added onto any Google Sheet by clicking "Add-Ons" at the top and selecting "Get Add-Ons" from the dropdown menu.  Simply search for Super Quiz and complete the install process.  Once Super Quiz has been installed, you can run it by returning to the add-ons menu. Super Quiz takes less than 90 seconds to complete and will provide you will a great data breakdown of all the responses.

There are a few requirements you'll need to pay close attention to in order to get Super Quiz to run effectively.  Your spreadsheet must be titled "Form Responses 1" which is the default for any Google Sheet that has been created from a Google Form.  The only other requirement is that the first 4 columns of the Sheet are titled: Timestamp, Username, Name, and Teacher.  You can easily achieve this by using these headings for the first four questions on your Google Form.  

Once you run Super Quiz, you'll find a variety of tabs added to your spreadsheet.  You'll find "Right & Wrong" which breaks down all the correct and incorrect answers.  There's "Class Results" which will allow you to view data by class if you have multiple classes taking the same assessment, "Incorrect Students",  "Response Feedback", "Topic Score Breakdown", "Charts" and more.  You may not use all the tabs for each assessment but they are easily accessible when you need them which can make the instructional decision making process quick and easy.  

Check out these resources if you're interested and want to learn more about how to use Super Quiz... 

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