Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Save Time With Writing Feedback Using JoeZoo Express

Literacy skills are necessary components of any content area. They are often becoming a focus for students of all ages and all classes in schools. Research has shown that students with strong reading and writing skills are able close achievement gaps and have accelerated learning experiences. One of the essential components to becoming a successful reader/writer is good feedback. When students receive timely, actionable feedback on their writing, they are able to improve dramatically. 

Providing feedback for student writing can be overwhelming and time consuming, however, technology is quickly making it possible to provide students with almost instant feedback when it comes to the foundational skills necessary to become a great writer. JoeZoo Express is a great new tool that can save teachers large amounts of time in providing feedback to students and quickly get them moving forward. Take a look at this video to see an example of how it works.

When teachers are able to save time on foundational components of student writing, they are able to focus on supporting students with development of higher level literacy skills. Google Docs is a great tool and being used by many teachers, however, it can be time consuming to add comments on every Google Doc for every student. JoeZoo doesn't require any installs by students and provides great comments that are re-useable and customizable by teachers.

If you're interested in trying the JoeZoo add-on with Google Docs, click HERE.  You'll find additional information about some of JoeZoo's features below.  JoeZoo has a wonderful support website with a collection of 1-minute videos that can answer any questions you may have or help you resolve any issues. If you'd like additional support with using or setting up JoeZoo express, contact your APS EdTech Coach.  

JoeZoo has preloaded 88 of the most frequently used pieces of writing feedback that are color coded and grouped into 5 categories. Teachers can instantly provide feedback on formatting, grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and structure for students. It's easy for students to understand because it's all visual. For additional information on writing feedback features click HERE.

JoeZoo also contains a rubric builder making it easy for teachers to provide additional feedback and scores to students. It's easy to build a rubric as the JoeZoo add-on will walk you through the 5 steps to creating your rubric. When you're finished, your completed rubric is automatically inserted at the top of the document for students to see.  For more information on JoeZoo rubric builder, click HERE.

Last but not least, JoeZoo has a grading tool that's quick and easy to use.  With just a few clicks, teachers can grade student writing assignments in Google Docs. Grading is made easy by allowing the teacher to grade student work right within the assignment. There's no need to click back and forth between windows or tabs.  Once the grading is complete, JoeZoo will automatically calculate a total grade as well.  There's an override option if the teacher needs to make any adjustments.  Click HERE for more information on the grading tool.

It's time to stop spending large amounts of time grading student writing by hand or using the comment feature of Google Docs. Save time and energy by using the JoeZoo Express add-on. Your students will love it and so will you. Save your time and energy for supporting student learning where it counts and let the technology move you forward.

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