Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Chromebook Starter Kit Best Practices


Chromebooks are fast becoming one of the more popular devices in education for a number of good reasons.  They are designed to be shared among multiple users and can easily be customized by each person.  They are also one of the least expensive laptops on the market and run only Google Chrome as their operating system.  This makes them virtually trouble free and easy to use in a variety of ways within educational environments.

Google has provided a wealth of options and tools that make connected learning easily accessible. The tools that Google has available to staff and students can often be intimidating and challenging at first glance. Fortunately, the APS EdTech team has stepped up to the plate to make using Chromebooks in your classroom easier than making your lunch.  If you're using Chromebooks for the first time, or a returning user, we have a large collection of resources to save you time and energy.

The Chromebook Starter Kit Best Practices folder is an easy way to learn about effective management of devices in your classroom, as well as, the world of options they provide to you as an educator. Within this folder you'll find 6 sub-folders of resources:
  1. APS Technology Incident Report - Find resources to collect documentation should you experience damage to any device.
  2. Chromebook Videos for Care & Rules - A collection of videos that you can share with your students to clearly establish proper care and expectations so devices don't get damaged. 
  3. Contracts for Chromebooks - Sample contracts to have students and parents sign so that accountability structures are in place and clearly understood by all parties. 
  4. Getting Started with Chromebooks - A great collection of initial lesson plans, activities, and instructional tools to teach your students the many features Chromebooks have to offer. Also contains sample expectations you can consider before giving your students access.
  5. Google Resources & Help - Great support documents that assist you in understanding and accessing the many tools that Google has to offer for increasing rigor, engagement, and innovative instructional opportunities.   
  6. Your Chromebook Cart - Contains a quick video explaining the structure and set-up of your cart so you can ensure it stays organized and running at high levels.  
Click HERE to access the Chromebook Starter Kit Best Practices folder and begin exploring the resources that have been created specifically to support you with effective integration and management of your devices.  

The APS EdTech team is hard at work to support you with all things technology in your instructional practices.  We strive to promote creative and innovative thinking among all learners across the district and our main goal is personalized, blended learning for all staff and students.  If you have questions or would like support at any level, feel free to contact Your EdTech Coach at anytime, we'd love to hear from you!

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