Monday, August 31, 2015

Using EDpuzzle to Create Interactive Videos

Lately, I have been sharing a great site named EDPuzzle. This site can be used by teachers to turn videos into interactive lessons. Teachers can crop videos, add to them, and embed questions in order to check for understanding.

Create and Manage Accounts
  1. Teachers create a class. Here is how your students will be able to identify which class to go to. This is also how you can know where to put the videos and assignments that you create.
  2. Once you create a class, this menu will appear. EDpuzzle automatically gives you a class code so your students can easily find your class and complete the assignment you have prepared.
  3. Assignment Page is where you can get creative. You can either have your students simply watch a video you created, or write out specifically what you want them to do.


  • Students do not need an email account, just a nickname.
  • If students forget their password, the teacher can givethem a new one.
  • Teachers and students can signin using their Google accounts.

The following video is a Demo about how Edpuzzle works:

Video Editing
  • Crop the video and take only the part that you need. Make it to the point.
  • You can pause the video and add an audio note. Create an introduction or claify a concept.
  • Embed open questions or mutliple choice quetions that go along with the video. This is a great way to check for understaning.

Create Assignments

  1. Now you have the chance to create a lesson for your students. Follow the steps in order to create a lesson your students can do in class or at home.
  2. The first step is to create a video. Here you can search for videos relating to the subject you are teaching. On the left are all of the places you can search for videos. Once you find one to your liking, select it.
  3. Once you select a video, you are able to customize it anyway they want. You can crop it, put your own voice into the video, customize the audio, and then post it once your done.
  4. Select one or more videos.
  5. Assign.
  6. Select one or more classes.


  • Teachers create a space where they share their video lessons.
  • The students have access to this class only with the course code provided by the teacher.
  • Any video assigned to this class will be assigned to every student.
  • Assignments can be assigned for in class or for homework.


  • Teacher can view reports in real time
  • Teachers can monitor which students watched the videos and which students understood the lesson.
  • Teachers can get individual information on each student.


  • Easy to use and access - students use course code
  • Offers multiple video sources
  • Crop a video, add voice notes, embed quizzes
  • Search and use existing lessons
  • Modify existing lessons
  • Create new lessons based on a video
  • Create a lesson around your own video material
  • Track student progress

Student-Created Projects
1. Assign a project instead of a video
2. Students can create private video lessons using EdPuzzle.
3. Teacher receives all videos and can provide feedback.
4. Teachers can save the best videos and assign them to the class.

Hope you and your students enjoy this tool!

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